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15 December 2006 @ 02:11 am
If you are on this list/forum and haven't bought Totalitarian Sodomy yet, then shame, shame, shame on you. The final mix'll surpass your expectations, and you can't download the great, full-scale album art and glossy black booklet that comes with it, which are equally great. So buy it from HC Holocaust, people.
02 November 2006 @ 03:33 am
At the Radio Schizo profile page.

The best World Burns to Death interview on the web. And I've read the one at Attack, which is also very good.

*** Interview w/ World Burns to Death.

2003 interview w/ Wolfbrigade is also here.

More coming up soon. (Denmark's Death Token, France's Death to Pigs.)
27 August 2006 @ 06:28 am
 Today's Overdose, on youtube

All you folks going to Pointless Fest in Philadelphia in a couple of days, well I'm really jealous.

The lineup looks great. They've even pulled in some bands like Pissed Jeans (on SubPop -- they remind me of the old Dallas band Stick Men with Ray Guns, but with a dose of Black Flag), and Paint it Black.

From this page, which is about the lineup:

NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS (only us show - from Denmark)

As Described By Maximum Rock N Roll : Christ, if this hasn't been the soundtrack around the MRR house winter I don't know what is - not a day goes by where this doesn't get blasted at full volume - and with good reason. Those København punks have done it again - yet another amazing record that sounds like some long lost classic punk record, something so familiar that you swear that you've heard it before. It brings back some immediate connection in your mind to a youth spent drinking in alleys, smoking cigarettes in the rain and running from cops after stealing tubes of glue meant for an afternoon of huffing. And skating, always skating. "I stuffed myself with pills today, doesn't seem to be working… It's a rainy day, my life just slips through my hands just to fade away." Edgey, anthemic riff heavy punk that pulls heavily from the blueprint mapped out by early TSOL and AGENT ORANGE. It's dark and moody while still retaining some sense of melody and an emphasize on writing top quality songs. Anthems, if you will, for a doomed youth. Absolutely essential

SEVERED HEAD OF STATE (only east coast show)

Current and former members of Detestation, His Hero is Gone, Tragedy, and World Burns to Death (as you probably already know). This record is a bit more diverse than the band's previous work, ranging from fast paced blasts of somewhat noisy hardcore to slower and more metallic riffing with a little bit of interesting dissonant melody (check out "Dust to Dust"). The vocals are lightly distorted shouts that never let up, they just occasionally venture out of the midrange into higher or lower territory for a short time

WORLD BURNS TO DEATH (only east coast show, LP release show)

Fuck… here's some blistering hardcore/punk with an incredibly tight performance and a really unique vocal sound. It's a multi vocal attack with predominantly straight shouts and then some higher screams that make for great tradeoffs, but it's really a step aside from the usual delivery. These guys display some great songwriting that offers up tons of changes and a lot of semi complex subtleties that are pretty rare when it comes to this genre of hardcore. The songs are fast and heavy with a lot of energy, and something about this record is immediately more memorable than most of what's out there

1905 (last show ever)
A longtime East Coast favorite - Male/Female vocals over hardcore that is in turn influenced by the melodicism of Rites Of Spring and the raw power and forward thinking lyrics of Four Hundred Years

As well as .....
Rambo (last philly show till 2007)
Paint it Black (ex-kid dynamite/lifetime)
Caustic Christ (ex-aus rotten from Pittsburgh)
Witch Hunt (profane existence)
Direct Control (one of the best us hardcore bands. feral ward)
Magrudergrind (grindcore from dc/va)
Hellshock (from portland. only east coast show)
Violation (members of AOS)
Pissed Jeans (subpop records)
World/inferno F.S. (13 member crazy cult circus pants)
Thought Crime (ex mems Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys and Distruaght)
Dismal (scandi-crust influenced brutality)
Kylesa (brutality from georgia)
Carpenter Ant (skate core w/ the singer dressed in full skate gear etc)
Fighting Dogs (philly)
+ A Few More Special Guests
20 July 2006 @ 07:26 pm
I posted a link to an interview by Israel's Dir Yassin from 1998 a couple of posts back [in my journal, syndicalist], but here it is, excerpted, again. Germany's Alerta Antifascista Records recently released their complete discography LP which was given good reviews in Maximum Rock n Roll. Timely material.

F = Federico, J= Johnny, both members.


Q: Why did you choose the name Dir Yassin? Maybe you can explain the meaning behind it.

F: The idea was to bring up the subject of Zionist history and to raise the question of the legitimacy of Zionism itself and also the indoctrination which is being perpetuated in this country. Deir Yassin was the place of a massacre in 1948 in which around 150 Palestinians were killed by right wing Zionist troops during the so-called War of Independence. This was a really traumatic event in our eyes, but here it’s regarded as an isolated event, an unfortunate mistake by an extreme group which doesn’t represent Zionist ideas.

J: In a sense, it doesn’t even exist officially because nobody takes responsibility for it.

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08 July 2006 @ 01:47 pm
Make me an offer if price isn't listed and the listing is bolded. If I reply with "accepted", you can then email me at maidenjapan[at]gmail[dot]com for more information.
Shipping is $4.05 for under 2 lbs. USPS priority mail. I'd prefer PAYPAL payments if at all possible.

All records are in great condition. I don't know how to rate records, but I rarely listen to anything I buy. None are warped. Sometimes there are small flaws on the sleeves due to crappy pressing jobs, but that's it.



Riistetyt "Valtion Vankina" - Special press of 200 on clear red vinyl (Havoc)

Riistetyt "Skitsofrenia" - Special press of 200 on clear blue vinyl (Havoc)

World Burns To Death - The Sucking Of The Missile Cock ***First Pressing*** (Hardcore Holocaust)

Axegrinder "Rise Of The Serpent Men"

Samiam "Soar" $5

Samiam "Clumsy" $5

Tragedy "Vengeance" $5

Le Tigre - S/T (never been opened or played) $6

The Ripoffs - "Got a Record" (never been opened or played) $6



Caustic Christ - Government Job special ChicagoFest 2005 press w/ Rubber sleeve. #57 out of 100. (Havoc)

Zounds "Can't Cheat Karma/War/Subvert" w/ Poster (Crass)

Inepsy "See You In Hell"

Severed Head Of state "Jedem Das Seine" (Ebillution)

Samiam / Jawbreaker split - no cover (it didn't have one - came with a zine) (No Idea Magazine Co)

Disclose/No Fucker split "Noise Not Music" - Special press w/ screened covered (2 colors)

Flux Of Pink Indians "Taking A Liberty" (Spiderleg)

Disrespect "Justice In A Bag" - white vinyl (Profane Existence) $2

Rudimentary Peni "The Underclass" (Outer Himalayan) $3

Conflict "Now You've Put Your Foot In It" (Motarhate) $2

Tank 18 "Hog" (Beer City) $1

Disrespect - S/T (Profane Existence) $2

Caustic Christ - S/T (Havoc) $2

9 Shocks Terror "Mobile Terror Unit" (Havoc) $3

Tragedy / Totalitar split (Armageddon) $2

Sleeper Cell "6 Song EP" (Cries Of Pain) $2

Default "Die With Honor" (Power Ground) $2

Capitalist Casualties "Planned Community" (it's actually a 5" or 6") (Six Weeks) $3

Fleas And Lice "Parasites" (Profane Existence) $3

Grade "Triumph And Tragedy" (Victory) $6

Deathreat -S/T (Prank) $2

From Ashes Rise "Life And Death" (Partners In Crime) $2

Career Suicide "Signals" (Slasher) $2

Assembly Of God - S/T (Havoc) $2



Iron Maiden "Fear Of The Dark" Japanese Pressing w/OBI, booklet, stickers

Iron Maiden "Virtual XI" Japanese Pressing w/OBI (2 Discs w/ interview)



Iron Maiden "World Piece Tour" book (decent condition) - $15

Iron Maiden "World Slavery Tour" book (decent condition) - $15

Iron Maiden "Fear Of The Dark Tour" book (decent condition) - $15

This week: Iskra, Hellhammer, SDS, Muga, Zoe, WB2D, Nightmare, Death Token, Craft, Ekkaia, Darkthrone, Migra Violenta, Wolfbrigade, and more.

Week of April 30, 2006 playlist

1. NOX ARCANA (USA) - Mythos
2. THERMIDOR (Portugal) - Pelnum Aquae

3. ZOE (Japan) - New World
4. GRUUTHAAGY (Croatia) - Gutterville
5. DEATH TOKEN (Denmark) - In the Asylum
6. WORLD BURNS TO DEATH (USA) - Curse Them Forever
7. SDS (Japan) - V.E.N.O.M.

9. WOLFSKIN - An Inner Flight

10. MUGA (Japan) - Road to Asuria track 1
11. WOLFBRIGADE (Sweden) - In Darkness
12. SUMMON THE CROWS (Norway) -
13. EKKAIA (Spain) - Viviendo Dias Mas
14. CRAFT (Sweden) - Hidden Under Skin
15. UNITED MUTATION (USA) - Plain Truth
16. TOXIC HOLOCAUST (USA) - Arise the Cemetery
17. ISKRA (Canada) - Antisect

18. GUSTAF HILDEBRANDT - Omega Continuum

19. HELLHAMMER (Switzerland) - Euronymous
20. DARKTHRONE (Norway) - Sjakk Matt Jesu Krist
21. MIGRA VIOLENTA (Argentina) - Xenofobia
22. NIGHTMARE (Japan) - Caused
23. NO PARADE (USA) - Ceaseless Fire

24. BATHORY - Storm of Damnation

Radio Schizo is a Dallas, TX-based podcast and online radio show since Summer 2005. You don't need an iPod to listen. For details visit http://www.radioschizo.com. You can click the "podcast" button below to listen to the show directly but please d/l the file to your h/d -- do not stream it. Thanks.

27 April 2006 @ 06:33 am
For anyone on MySpace, a new community/group there: DARK, EPIC CRUST. You have to have a MySpace acct. to join it. FYI: It's more than just about the Tragedy-ization of hardcore.


Etc., etc.